Welcome To jCVS.org

JCVS is a CVS client package written entirely in Java.

JCVS provides a complete CVS client/server protocol package that allows any Java program to implement the complete suite of CVS operations. JCVS also provides a Swing based client that provides a commercial quality GUI client for CVS. Finally, jCVS provides a Servlet that allows any Servlet enabled web server to present any CVS repository on the internet for browsing and download.

JCVS Discussion Forums

JCVS now uses JForum to provide the new jCVS Discussion Forums to help facilitate technical support and development efforts within the jCVS community.

JCVSWeb CVS Web Application

Release 1.4.3 of jCVSWeb now available.

After a very long wait, jCVSWeb is finally released. Please feel free give the new webapp a test drive. This new webapp is the vision I have had for jCVS Servlet since it was first released, but I never had the time to complete it. Fortunately, the time that passed allowed struts and supporting technology to mature enough to make the rewrite reasonable. It is my hope that this new webapp will meet the expectations of all those who have been patiently waiting for its release.


You can download the latest version of the jCVS client application from the download page for jCVS.


You can browse the online JavaDoc API documentation for the com.ice.cvsc client/server protocol package or the com.ice.jcvsii client application or the com.ice.jcvslet servlet.

Browse Source

You can browse the source code for the com.ice.cvsc client/server protocol package or the com.ice.jcvsii client application or the com.ice.jcvslet browser servlet (currently not available).

Mailing List

PLEASE NOTE Maintaining the mailing list took some effort, and this was added to by the incredible amounts of SPAM these days. I have therefore decided to suspend the mailing list for the time being, and replace it with new jCVS Forums which I hope will be more useful to all. You will find a searchable archive of the mailing list's entire history there also.

jCVS Servlet

The jCVS Servlet was the first attempt to provide a web based CVS repository browser. It has been replaced by the jCVSWeb web app, which is a far superior technology. For a view of the servlet in action, visit the GJT jCVS Servlet, which presents the GJT CVS repository. The jCVS Servlet provides a number of mechanisms that allow you to customize the presentation. However, you should consider the jCVSWeb web app, as the servlet is no longer developed or supported.